Michael is available for freelance photographic and reporting assignments; teaching in classroom and workshop settings; and speaking engagements for corporate and educational clients.

A master of studio and on-location lighting, Michael is renowned for bringing his cameras, notebooks and audio recorders into some of the difficult to reach environments on the planet – high altitude summits, undersea wrecks, war-zone minefields, halls of government, and corporate boardrooms.

As an author and reporter, he’s traveled the world to get interviews and retrieve hard to find documents to create exclusive, widely-read reportage.

Michael teaches popular semester-long classes, day-long workshops and one-hour seminars on storytelling in words, pictures and video.

Michael’s multimedia speaking engagements on stories like his climb to investigate crime on Mount Everest and the building and sailing of the Freedom Schooner Amistad have drawn hundreds of visitors to universities and corporate events across the United States. His photographs, video and audio storytelling make for uniquely inspiring and motivating events.


More About Michael

Contact Michael for any of the aforementioned services, for questions on rates, or to learn about his latest projects.

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